Tula Baby Carrier Accessories List

Tula Baby Carrier Accessories
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Baby Tula are one of the leading baby carrier brands, with a bit of a cult following and as well as making carriers, they also make a few different accessories.

The list below will give a quick run through of the Tula baby carrier accessories and other optional extras that Baby Tula produce. Maybe there’s something there that will make your baby wearing experience better.

Baby Tula Baby Carrier Accessories

Baby Tula produce the following accessories. They produce accessories that are designed to be used with the carrier and some stand alone accessories. In addition, they also have some replacement parts available, should you need them for your Baby Tula carrier.

  • Tula Infant Insert (carrier accessory)
  • Seat Extenders (carrier accessory)
  • Tula Cover Up (stand alone accessory)
  • Kids Backpack (stand alone accessory)
  • Tula Hooded Towel (stand alone accessory)
  • Sleeping/Sun Hood (replacement part)
  • Chest Buckle (replacement part)
  • Waist Buckle (replacement part)

Tula Infant Insert

tula infant insertThis is an insert that goes into Tula’s Standard Carrier. When inserted, this allows you to carry a baby between 7 & 15lbs, in their Standard carrier. Ordinarily the Standard would only fit babies between 15 & 45lbs.

Their Free-to-Grow carrier doesn’t require an insert (can be adjusted without the insert to fit babies 7-15lbs and up to 45lbs).

The insert cannot be used with the Tula Toddler carrier.

Seat Extenders

Tula’s seat extenders are also designed for the Standard carrier. The idea of the seat extender is that you can use it with the Standard carrier for a child that is in between the Standard and Toddler carrier size.

So, if you’re toddler is getting too big (but still within the 45lb weight limit) for the Standard, in terms of being able to get into a hip safe “M” position, then the seat extenders allow you to keep them in there for a little longer, without having to also get the Toddler size – or at least not right away.

Handy if you are thinking of stopping wearing your toddler soon, but you want a little more time, but don’t want to buy a whole new carrier to get that time.

Sleeping/Sun Hood (Replacement Part)

tula replacement sun hoodThis isn’t technically an accessory as all Tula carriers come with a sleeping/sun hood. But this is in case you’ve lost or damaged your existing hood.

There are two different replacement hoods you can get.

  1. One that fits the Free-to-Grow carriers
  2. One that fits both the Standard and the Toddler carriers

They come in a large assortment of colors, so you should be able to find the same color as the one you lost – or at least one that will match your carrier.

Chest Buckle & Waist Buckle (replacement parts)

Of course, your carrier comes with a chest buckle and a waist buckle (critical parts of the carrier and they would be useless without them!).

It’s not likely that you will lose these part, as they’re permanently attached to the carrier. But if either one becomes damaged, it’s good to know that you can replace them, and not have to get an entirely new carrier, just because of one broken buckle!

Tula Cover Up, Hooded Towel and Kids Backpack (stand alone accessories)

tula kids backpackThe Tula Cover Up isn’t a carrier accessory as such, but it is another accessory that Tula make. It’s essentially a wearable blanket for your little one.

They also make a hooded towel and kids sized backpack, among other things.


There are of course other accessories that you could use with the Baby Tula, from other brands, such as teething pads and rain/weather covers or removable pockets/pouches.

This is just a quick list shows those accessories and replacement parts that are made by Baby Tula.

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