Is it OK for my Baby to Sleep in a Baby Carrier

to sleep in a baby carrier
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If you’re a new parent you might be wondering if its OK for your baby to sleep in a baby carrier.

Short answer = yes, absolutely.

In fact, it’s one of the benefits of using a baby carrier.

The Benefits of Baby Sleeping in a Baby Carrier

Having your baby in a carrier is often an easy way to get your baby to sleep, particularly when they are in the facing-in position on your chest.

In that position, they are in a position of security and comfort snuggled up to your chest. Some babies can’t help but to fall asleep! This can be great for a parent/caregiver if:

  • You are having trouble getting your baby to nap in their crib, bassinet or stroller
  • You want to be able to give your baby nap time whilst you are on the move. It can be very convenient for them to nap whilst you also get a walk in – or shopping done, or whatever activity you can safely complete with baby in carrier
  • Close contact with a parent or caregiver might allow your baby to sleep better and for longer than they otherwise might have if they were separate from you

But Is It Safe for my Baby to Sleep in a Baby Carrier?

This is the real question. Whether or not you feel comfortable doing it is entirely up to you and only you can really decide.

But personally, I feel like it’s perfectly safe, so long as you follow safety guidelines, and follow the instructions of your carrier’s manufacturer.

If in doubt about the position that your baby is in when they fall asleep, the safe side would be to place your baby in their crib shortly after they’ve fallen asleep. But, if you’re confident that they’re in a safe position, then you and your baby can enjoy the benefits of carrier sleeping.

Those against Carrier Sleeping

Those against carrier sleeping sight risk of suffocation as a reason against it.

And that is a real risk. But, IMO, if you follow the guidelines of safe carrying, the same applies to a sleeping baby in a carrier as it does to an awake baby in a carrier. Check out below for more on the safety of using a baby carrier.

>>Are Baby Carriers Safe for My Baby

Sometimes I feel like these advocates that are against any type of sleeping outside the crib, haven’t had a baby that refuses to nap in a crib!

These same advocates usually demand that baby sleeps on their back too. But I remember our first, even the very first time we had him home in the bassinet, automatically rolled on to his side to sleep. He just wouldn’t stay on his back. Short of swaddling him (which is also not recommended!) there was no way to get him to sleep on his back.

Another reason sometimes given against it, is that they will develop the habit of needing to be attached to someone to sleep.

Again, it’s entirely up to you with whether you are comfortable having your baby sleep in a carrier, car seat, stroller – or otherwise not in a crib.

Those for Carrier Sleeping

Those who are advocates of carrier sleeping usually highlight a couple of things:

  1. It is natural for a baby to want to sleep attached to a parent
  2. The sleep is better when a baby is attached to a parent
  3. It’s perfectly safe so long as you follow the manufacturers instructions for your particular carrier
  4. You might actually be lowering the risk of SIDS (assuming using the carrier in the proper way)

There are always differing opinions on these matters, and its important that you weigh up the arguments from both sides and do what you find comfortable.


Personally, my husband and I have always been very comfortable with our little ones sleeping their carrier.

It’s a great way to bond, get them some precious sleep time and be able to be on the move. And we’ve found its often the easiest way to get them to sleep. They tend to just fall asleep quickly and naturally.

But I will reiterate that its completely up to you as to what you feel comfortable with. What is most important, if you do let your baby sleep in a baby carrier,  is that your baby is in a safe position and that all guidelines from the manufacturer of your carrier are followed.

Do you let your baby sleep in their carrier? I would love to hear other people’s opinions on this matter, whether for or against. Just click the Add A Comment button below to leave a comment.

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