Lillebaby Carrier Accessories List

Lillebaby Carrier Accessories
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Like most major carrier brands, Lillebaby or more precisely, LÍLLÉbaby, offer some accessories to go with their carriers. This Lillebaby carrier accessories list, will outline the accessories that Lillebaby has to offer.

But first let’s just briefly look at the carriers that Lillebaby offer.

Lillebaby’s Carriers

Lillebaby have a variety of different carriers to suit different needs and different budgets.

  1. Lillebaby Complete, with the following versions
    1. Original
    2. Airflow
    3. All Seasons
    4. Organic
    5. Embossed
    6. Woven
  2. Essentials, with the following versions
    1. Original
    2. All Seasons
  3. CarryOn (Toddler), with the following versions
    1. Airflow
    2. All Seasons
    3. Woven
    4. Embossed

I won’t go into detail the differences between each in this post – I will in a separate post – but this is just to give you quick reference as some of the accessories are only compatible, or necessary, with certain carriers.

Note: This is just their carrier line, and LÍLLÉbaby also do wraps and ring slings.

Lillebaby Carrier Accessories List

Lillebaby produces the following accessories to be used with their carriers:

  • Teething pads & Chest bibs
  • Lumbar support
  • Infant insert
  • Infant Pillow
  • Retractable Mirror
  • Tummy Pad
  • Waistbelt Extension Strap
  • Stirrups

Teething Pads & Chest Bibs

Lillebaby have a few different options for these.

  1. Chest bib and teething pads set – the chest bib keeps babies drool off your chest or top and the teething pads are attached to the carriers straps to give baby something to chew on, when teething (and also keeps the carrier clean)
  2. Strap Teething pads (you can get just the strap teething pads separately)
  3. Front Teething Bib – goes on the front of the carrier to give baby something to chew on and to keep the carrier clean – easier to clean the bib than the whole carrier

These are relatively expensive for what they are but make cleaning of the carrier a less frequent thing which is always nice. But if you can’t or don’t want to buy these, then you could use something else in their place. They just won’t conveniently attach to the carrier as easily.

Lumbar support

The Complete and the CarryOn come with this detachable lumbar support but if you have the Essentials carrier – or if you lose the one that came with the Complete or CarryOn, then you can buy one separately.

This essentially helps with the parent’s comfort by enhancing posture and alignment, so you can carry for longer.

Infant Insert

lillebaby infant insertThis is mostly for if you have, or are thinking of getting, the Essentials Carrier.

The Complete carrier does not need an infant insert to accommodate newborns (minimum 7lbs) and the insert, as far as I know wouldn’t be suitable for the CarryOn.

The insert basically allows for smaller babies to be carried in the Essentials carrier. It has a removable pillow in it as well. Once your baby is a little bigger it might be the case that you swap from using the whole insert to just the pillow for a while, to give them a bit more height, if they need it.

Infant Pillow

Speaking of pillows, you can also get an infant pillow on its own.

If it feels like your baby needs to be a little higher in your carrier, then this pillow can help to raise them to the desired height.

lillebaby carrier mirrorRetractable Mirror

No, this isn’t so you can check your hair on the go (though that’s an added bonus)! Rather, it’s so that you can check on your baby when they’re in the back-carry position.

Tummy Pads

You can get a couple of different sizes of these.

If you find that your carrier digs into your tummy when you’re carrying your baby/toddler on the back, the tummy pad offers some extra padding to make for a more comfortable back-wearing experience.

They slide onto the waist belt and can go with any one of the Complete, Essentials or CarryOn carriers.

lillebaby waistbelt extensionWaist Belt Extension Strap

The waist belt extension strap extends the length of the waist belt on Lillebaby carriers by up to 9.5″.


Lillebaby’s stirrups attach to the waist belt and basically give your baby/toddler somewhere to rest their feet. Some babies/toddlers find this more comfortable and can take pressure off other areas of the body.


So, those are the main accessories that Lillebaby produces to accompany their carriers.

Some go with all of their carriers, some just with certain ones – and some are only necessary for certain carriers (e.g. Lumbar support only necessary for Essentials as it already comes with the other 2).

For more on Lillebaby carriers, check out our Lillebaby carrier reviews at the link below.

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