Infantino Flip Baby Carrier Review

Infantino Flip baby carrier
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Infantino Flip Baby Carrier: QUICK OVERVIEW

Easy and convenient

Value For Money



What We Like

  • Price - super reasonable
  • No infant insert needed for newborns
  • Easy to put on/take off and adjust
  • plus-circle
  • plus-circle
    Multiple carry positions
  • plus-circle
     Adjustable newborn head support

What We Don't Like

  • Not comfortable for wearer
  • Could be more comfortable for baby's legs
  • Can't use for long without pain unless baby is very small
  • minus-circle
    Baby outgrows well before the weight maximum
  • minus-circle
    Durability questionable
  • minus-circle
    No sun hood

The Infantino Flip baby carrier has a lot of good things going for it - and on the face of it looks as good as any carrier 3 times its price. 

It has 4 different carry positions, it's easy to put on and take off, it's lightweight and it's suitable for a newborn without the need for an insert. 

However, there is one big downside. It's pretty uncomfortable for the wearer. If you're using it for short periods of time with a small baby then its not an issue. But as soon as you start to wear it for longer or with a bigger baby, it gets uncomfortable pretty quickly. 

Some people have reported that it was uncomfortable for their baby too - and the durability comes into question. 

But for the price, and if you think you'll only be using it for short periods and aren't concerned that it might not be suitable for a bigger baby, then the value-for-money is certainly there. 

Infantino Flip Baby Carrier


Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

The Infantino Flip Baby Carrier is one of the cheapest going around - especially given how versatile it is. 

For those with a very tight budget, it will do the job but just don't expect it to be as comfortable as other carriers. 


In some ways its very versatile. It does have 4 different carry positions: 

  1. Front Facing-In (narrow seat)
  2. Front Facing-In (wide seat)
  3. Front Facing-Out
  4. Back

OK maybe you could argue that's only 3 - but that's basically all the positions that you really need. Unless you really like to have a hip carry option. 

And its touted to be suitable for babies from 8lbs to 32lbs. 

However, in reality, you probably aren't going to be very comfortable carrying a baby more than 15lbs in this carrier. Some reported struggling with babies even lighter. 

It does have an adjustable head support though, which is a definite plus. 


This is where the carrier really shows its price. 

The waist belt is lacking in any real padding and even the shoulder straps aren't that comfortable. 

But worse than that, the carrier starts to cause pain in the head, neck and even rib area after wearing for any kind of length of time. The weight distribution just feels off and it feels like its hard to get the weight distributed evenly.  

Some pain is expected when carrying a baby, particularly a heavy baby, after a while. But this was only using the carrier for 20-30 minutes. Which basically made the carrier unusable for us - we like to carry baby for much longer periods than this. 

Easy and Convenient

The Infantino Flip is easy to put on and take off. So it definitely has that going for it.   

Infantino Flip carrier review

Who is this product for?

The Infantino Flip baby carrier is best for anyone with a tight budget, that only needs a carrier to use for short periods at a time and for babies between 8lbs & 15lbs.

Overview of features

Type of Carrier:



Rough Age of Child:

0-36 months 


  • Front Facing In (narrow and wide seat options)
  • Front Facing Out
  • Back

Machine Washable





Budget = Low ($30-$90)


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How to Use It

The Infantino Flip baby carrier can be used in 4 different positions: 

  1. Front Facing-In (narrow and wide seat options)
  2. Front Facing-Out
  3. Back

Check out the following video for a visual look at how to use the carrier in the different positions.  


The Infantino Flip baby carrier comes in at an almost scarcely believable price compared to some carriers. So, if you're budget is really tight and you need a carrier, then this is definitely worth looking at.  

But there are also are some downsides that come with that great price tag, namely: 

  1. It's not the most comfortable
  2. Can't really use it for long periods
  3. Not really suitable for bigger babies
  4.  There's no sun hood or pocket

But it does have some positives too, namely: 

  1. Easy to use
  2. Lightweight
  3. Adjustable newborn head support
  4. Multiple carry positions
  5. No need for a separate infant insert for newborns

The price is right, and if its all your budget will allow, then its better than not having a carrier. But if you can stretch your budget further, there are certainly more comfortable options for baby and wearer. 

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