How to Tie a Boba Wrap: Step by Step

How to tie a boba wrap
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If you’ve just bought or are considering using a Boba Wrap, you might be wondering how to tie a Boba wrap.

Below are step by step instructions on how to tie a Boba Wrap and I have also included an instructional video from Boba and some demonstrations for different holds and how to nurse.   

This isn’t a substitute for the instructions that come with your Boba Wrap – you should always consult the manufacturers directions – but if you’re wanting to see it written down in a different way or view all the instructional videos in one spot, read on.

How to Tie a Boba Wrap

Below are the steps you need to take. I highly recommend watching the videos below too, which provide visual instruction, which is often easier to follow, and provides more clarity on what to do, when you can see it in action.

I also highly recommend that you practice tying your Boba Wrap several times and practice placing a doll or other object into the wrap, before attempting to place your baby into it for the first time.

Step 1: Find the Boba tag (logo)

Locate the tag on the wrap that has Boba’s logo on it. This signifies the middle of the wrap.

Step 2: Place the Tag Over Your Heart

Hold the carrier lengthways and position the carrier on your chest so that the tag is around where your heart is – on the left hand side of your chest.

Step 3: Wrap The Ends Behind Your Back

Stretch the wrap sideways and wrap the ends around to your back.

Step 4: Cross the Two Sides

Cross over the two sides behind your back

Step 5: Bring the two sides over your shoulders

Keep tension on the wrap, bring the ends up over your shoulders

Step 6: Check to See that the Fabric Isn’t Twisted

Try to keep the fabric as wide and flat as possible – this is going to be comfortable. So, you’ll end up with a cross across your back of wide, flat fabric.

Step 7: Tuck the Two Ends Through the Front

Bring the two ends that are now in front of you into one hand and tuck it down through the waist belt you created when you initially wrapped the ends around your back.

Ensure that you’re still keeping tension on the ends to keep it tight.

Step 8: Flatten Out the Waist Belt

Now pull the waist belt out so that it covers your stomach and your chest, to form a wide panel across your front.

Step 9: Pull on the Ends

Now pull on the ends that you pulled through to ensure that they’re tight

Step 10: Cross the Ends Across Your Front

Take the ends that you’ve threaded through and cross them over.

Step 11: Wrap the Ends Around Your Back

Wrap those crossed ends back around your back. Make sure everything is tight. There isn’t a need to leave a space for baby, since the wrap is stretchy. If you try to leave a space, then it will likely end up too loose.

Step 12: Tie the Wrap

If you have enough fabric wrap the ends back around to your front and tie. If not, tie them at your back. You can also tie them on your hip if you prefer (and have enough left-over material).

Tie with a double knot.

 This is the basic tie. You will get a better idea of it in the video below.

Once you’ve got this tie down, it’s time to learn how to get baby in and the different holds you can do.

Some Different Holds

Here are a couple of different holds you can use depending on your baby’s age.

Newborn Hold Instructions

Love Your Baby Hold Instructions

Taking Baby Out

And, of course, at some stage you are going to need to get your baby out again.

So, here is how Boba recommends you do it.

So, as you can see it’s super easy to take them out and as they say, you can just leave the wrap tied, if you think you’ll be carrying your baby again later (and assuming its not too hot!)

Nursing Your Baby in the Boba Wrap

Finally, here’s a video to help you with nursing your baby in your Boba wrap. You might have heard about being able to nurse in a wrap but weren’t sure of the logistics. Here’s how Boba recommend you do it.


So, there you have it – how to tie a Boba wrap.

Once, you’ve learned how to tie it, then there some different holds you can use and you can also nurse in it, if you choose to.

Baby should always be taken out of the wrap before untying it (you’ll need to loosen it off, but you shouldn’t completely untie it). This can also be really convenient, as you can just leave the wrap on if you prefer, and if you are intending on carrying your baby in the wrap again later in the day.

I hope this has helped you to get started with using your Boba Wrap.

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