How to Put on an Ergo Baby Carrier: Ergobaby OMNI 360

How to Put on Ergo Baby Carrier
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If you have the Ergobaby OMNI 360 baby carrier, here is a one stop place to learn how to use it. So many people wonder how to put on an Ergo baby carrier and many aren’t doing it right.

This is specifically for the Ergobaby OMNI 360, but its similar for other Ergobaby carriers. But you should still consult your instruction manual, if you have one of the other Ergobaby carriers.

How to Put on an Ergo Baby Carrier

So many people get the setup wrong and then think the carrier doesn’t fit them, or their baby. And I wanted somewhere where everything was in one place to follow along.

This post will contain all of the instructional videos from Ergobaby, including some extra tips to make sure that you get the setup right. If it still isn’t fitting properly, then you might be better off with a different carrier, but chances are, with a few tweaks it should fit well.

Setting the carrier up optimally will:

  • Ensure that baby is at their safest
  • Reduce the amount of fatigue you will feel whilst carrying baby
  • Reduce the likelihood of any aches and pains that might develop
  • Ensure that baby is in the right position

OK, let’s get started.

ERGO OMNI 360 Baby Carrier Setup and Different Carry Positions

The OMNI 360 has 4 main carry positions:

  • Front facing-in
  • Front facing-out
  • Hip carry
  • Back carry

But this will also show you the Front Facing-In with two different strap set ups.

But before we get into the carry positions, let’s first take a look at setting up, quickly.

Front facing-in (H straps)

H Straps basically means in a back pack style, with the straps forming an H once you clip in the chest strap.

Here’s how you do it:

If you’re having difficulties clipping the strap behind your back, check out the following for tips on making it easier. 

Front facing-in (X straps)

The alternative, which some people prefer (some find it easier and others find that it provides a better weight distribution for them) is the X strap position, which entails crossing the straps across your back in an X shape. 

OK, here’s how you do it.

Front facing-out

Ergobaby recommends waiting until baby is at least 5 months old and has strong and consistent head control before wearing baby in this position.

We think 6 months is a nice time to try this position to see if baby likes it.

Hip carry

It is recommended to wait until baby is at least 6 months before trying the hip carry position. Once they are at least 6 months, you can try this position to see if you and your baby like it.

Back carry

Ergobaby recommends that the back carry position isn’t used until at least 6 months (and has strong and consistent head support, of course).

Personally, this isn’t a position I am comfortable with (mentally) until baby is older – more like 9 months and up, but everyone has their own comfort levels for this kind of thing.

Some other tips

So that’s the 4 different carry positions with 2 different strap setups for the front facing-in position.

Here are some other tips to help make sure you have this carrier well understood.

Newborn Tips

If you watched the above videos to the end you will have seen these tips then, but in case you didn’t here they are again in written form. Also if you didn’t watch this section of the videos above, I recommend going back to watch it.

  • Make sure baby is in an ergonomic “M” shape – which essentially means that baby’s knees are higher than their bottom.
  • The back should be in a “C” shape – that is slightly rounded.
  • Babies head should be close enough to kiss
  • Babies between 0-4 months should have their head supported by having the head support at mid-ear level
  • You should always be able to see your baby’s face and your baby’s chin should not be touching their chest

And here are some more newborn specific tips for the OMNI 360.

Buckle Tips

The OMNI 360 has extra safety measures on the buckles. If you’re having difficulty doing them up or undoing them, or if you’re not sure if you’re doing it right, check out the following:

Quickly Switching from Facing-In to Facing Out

This is for the cool Air Mesh version with sliders and can help you to quickly switch between having your baby facing-in and facing-out.


OK, that’s it. Watch these videos and follow along and you’ll be a master of your Ergobaby OMNI 360 in no time flat!

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