Evenflo Snugli Baby Carrier Review

Evenflo Snugli baby carrier
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Evenflo Snugli Baby Carrier: QUICK OVERVIEW

Easy and convenient

Value For Money



What We Like

  • The Price
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to adjust
  • plus-circle
  • plus-circle
    Multiple carry positions
  • plus-circle
     Adjustable newborn head support

What We Don't Like

  • Not comfortable for wearer
  • Not comfortable for baby
  • Can't use for long without pain unless baby is very small
  • minus-circle
    Baby outgrows well before the weight maximum and too big for the minimum
  • minus-circle
    Ergonomics questionable
  • minus-circle
    No sun hood

The Evenflo Snugli has been discontinued by Evenflo. But in case you were looking at a used one - or if you had been given one - or have even seen a new one somewhere, I thought I would share my experience with it. 

The closest equivalent now would be the Evenflo Active. Though even that is now looking like its going to be discontinued. So the next closest equivalent is the Evenflo Natural Fit (though that one doesn't have a front facing-out option). 

There are some good things to say about the Evenflo Snugli. Like, it's easy to use - and especially easy to remove baby without having to take off the shoulder straps. And the price is right!

Plus it has an adjustable newborn head support and multiple carry positions for when baby is older. 

But, overall you get what you pay for here, unfortunately. The carrier is uncomfortable, has a very small range of baby sizes that it can accommodate and whether its hip healthy for baby is questionable. 

Evenflo Snugli Baby Carrier


Evenflo Natural Fit Soft Carrier, Khaki Orange

NOTE: The image above is for the Evenflo Natural Fit Carrier

The Evenflo Snugli is the first carrier we ever used. And we used it for a good while with our first boy. But we didn't know any other carrier at the time, so we just went with it (it was given to us) and didn't know any better. 

But our carrying days were limited because of this carrier - and had we known what we know now, this carrier would have been tossed aside, in all honesty.  

For those with a very tight budget, it does the job, but just don't expect to be able to use it right away, and don't expect to be able to use it for too long, unless your baby is very slender. And don't expect comfort. 


For the price, the Snugli is actually fairly versatile, at least in terms of carry positions. You can carry your baby: 

  1. Front Facing-In
  2. Front Facing-Out
  3. Back

And its touted to be suitable for babies from 7lbs to 26lbs. 

However, in reality a 7lb baby (at least ours anyway) is too small for this carrier. When we had our boy in it at around that weight, he sat so far down in it, we didn't feel comfortable carrying him in it. 

The most use we got out of this was because of the ability to face-out. When we did eventually get him in it, we only had him facing-in for a short time, then he wanted facing out - and he much preferred that. 

But he outgrew it pretty quickly. He just became too big to carry him in it pretty soon after. And we just thought this was normal. We probably carried him in it to close to 20lbs, but only for very short journeys as it was too uncomfortable otherwise, and we really had to squeeze to get him into it at all at that stage. 


This carrier isn't very comfortable, unfortunately. 

After carrying for a short while, it starts to become painful on the lower back and shoulders, particularly once they are facing-out and over a certain weight. The back carry didn't make it any easier to carry with. 

That and the material of the carrier isn't that soft. It's pretty hard and unforgiving. 

Easy and Convenient

The Snugli does have one redeeming feature though. It is really easy to use and to put on by yourself. 

And getting your baby out is easy and can be done without removing the shoulder straps, which is a nice feature, especially if you want to take your sleeping baby out with minimal disturbance. 


Revisiting this carrier the position of baby in it is questionable as to whether its hip healthy. Our boy certainly doesn't have any hip issues after using it, so in reality maybe not that bad. But probably not the ideal "M" position and maybe if you used it for longer than we did, it could eventually be an issue.  

Evenflo Snugli carrier review

Who is this product for?

The Evenflo Snugli is a good option as a travel carrier or maybe one that you lend to friends who visit with their baby and forget their carrier. 

Or for anyone on a really tight budget that just needs it for short journeys. 

Best size for baby in this carrier is 10lbs to 15lbs, IMO. 

Overview of features

Type of Carrier:



Rough Age of Child:

0-24 months 


  • Front Facing In
  • Front Facing Out
  • Back

Machine Washable





Budget = Low ($30-$90)


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The Evenflo Snugli is very low priced carrier. Which is great if you're on a tight budget. But you do get what you pay for in this case, unfortunately. 

The biggest downsides of this carrier being: 

  1. Lack of comfort
  2. Can only really use for short periods
  3. Fits a narrow size range of babies
  4.  Questionable ergonomics

But there are some positives too: 

  1. Easy to use even by yourself
  2. Lightweight
  3. Adjustable newborn head support
  4. Multiple carry positions

If it's all that your budget will afford you, then its better to have this carrier than none at all, but if you can, I would look at other carriers. They will cost more, but will also last you a lot longer and be a lot more comfortable and pleasurable to use, IMO. 

The Snugli is no longer produced, but if you are given one or find one on eBay or something like that, then I hope this has been helpful.

The button below will take you to Evenflo's natural fit Carrier - the closest equivalent (though doesn't face out and looks like its more ergonomic - at some point I will do a specific review on that particular carrier though).

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