Ergobaby Baby Carrier Comparison: Comparing All Ergo Carriers

Ergobaby Baby Carrier Comparison
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This post is going to compare all of Ergobaby's carriers. If you're looking at an Ergobaby baby carrier then hopefully this comparison will help you to decide which one is right for you. 

What Baby Carriers Are In This Comparison?

This post will compare the following: 

  1. Ergobaby Original
  2. Ergobaby Adapt
  3. Ergobaby 360
  4. Ergobaby OMNI 360

Which one is right for you will depend on what specifications you need, what you can compromise on and what you're budget is. 

First let's take a look at a comparison table to get the general differences at a glance, then we'll take a look at the details. 

Ergobaby Baby Carrier Comparison Table




OMNI 360

Weight Range





CP* Front Facing-In

CP* Front Facing-Out

CP* Back Carry

CP* Hip Carry

IHDI** Approved

Infant Insert Required?

Adjustable Head Support

Machine Wash

Waist Belt Range

26" to 52"

26" to 52"

26" to 52"

26" to 52"

Safety Buckles

Sun Hood

Good Pocket






*CP = Carry Position

**International Hip Dysplasia Institute 

***Standard price from what I could find. But prices vary from store to store and some carriers have different versions in different materials and sometimes prices differ between those versions. The prices listed here are intended to represent the lowest priced version. 

Baby Carrier Comparison Details

OK let's look at some details. 

Weight Range

Both the OMNI 360 and Adapt carriers are rated from 7lbs to 45lbs and don't require an infant insert. 

The Original and the 360 are rated from 12lbs to 45lbs. They can both accommodate babies from 7lbs to 12lbs with the use of an infant insert. The infant insert is sold separately and cost around $35. 

So, if you are wanting a carrier that carries your baby from the first week, then the Adapt and OMNI 360 are the best options. For example the original plus the Infant insert would cost more than the Adapt. 

And also, not having to have an infant insert makes things easier and also makes things cooler for you and baby in hotter weather. 

Carrying Positions

The following carriers offer 4 main carry positions (front facing-in, front-facing out, hip and back):

  • 360
  • OMNI 360

The others have all but the facing out option: 

  • Original 
  • Adapt

So, if you want to have a facing out option for when your baby is older (not recommended before around 6 months of age), then you will want to get the 360 or OMNI 360. 

If you want both a facing out option and want to be able to carry a baby between 7 and 12lbs without an infant insert, then the OMNI 360 is the way to go. 

If you're not worried about having a facing out position, then the Original or the Adapt, depending on the age of baby you will be carrying in it. 

Sun/Sleeping Hood

All Ergobaby carriers have sun/sleeping hoods. 


The Original and the OMNI 360 have good pockets that are also zippable. 

The Adapt and 360 lack this option. 

So, if good zippable pockets are a must for you, then the Original or the OMNI 360, depending on your other needs. 

You can get a detachable pouch, but they cost $20, so if you were to get the 360 with a detachable pouch it would be the same price as the OMNI 360, which comes with a pouch. 

If you didn't need a facing out position but wanted to be able to carry a newborn without an infant insert, then you could get the Adapt and the detachable pouch, and that would still come in under the price of the OMNI 360. 

Of course, you could also work with a non-Ergo pouch that you could attach, if you could find one cheaper, but just make sure it's something you can attach properly to the carrier.  


Everything else about these carriers are the same (see comparison chart above) so the main determining factors for Ergobaby carriers are: 

  1. Whether you need a facing-out option or not;
  2. Whether you will be carrying a baby between 7lbs and 12lbs; and
  3. How necessary you consider a good pocket 


So there you have my Ergobaby baby carrier comparison. 

In short, if you need: 

  • Newborn Carry + Facing-Out option = OMNI 360
  • Newborn Carry + NO Facing Out = Adapt
  • NO Newborn Carry + Facing-Out = 360
  • NO Newborn Carry + NO Facing Out = Original 
  • NO Newborn Carry + Facing-Out + Good Pocket = OMNI 360
  • Newborn Carry + NO Facing Out + Good Pocket = Adapt + 

I hope you have found this helpful for your decision on which Ergo carrier is best for you. For all of our Ergobaby carrier reviews, check out the link below. 

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