Ergo Baby Carrier Accessories List

Ergo Baby Carrier Accessories
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Below is a quick list of the Ergo Baby Carrier accessories that you can get for your Ergo carrier.

As well as making carriers & wraps (amongst other baby related things like strollers, diaper bags and nursing pillows), Ergo also produce accessories for their carriers.

Ergo Baby Carrier Accessories

The following are accessories that you can get for your Ergo carrier.

  • Infant Insert
  • Detachable pouches
  • Winter Weather cover
  • Wet weather cover
  • Teething pads

Infant Inserts

ergobaby infant insertThe Ergo Baby Original and 360 carriers are only suitable for babies from 12lbs to 45lbs. But you can get an infant insert, sold separately, to go into them to make them suitable for babies between 7bls & 12lbs as well.

The infant insert attaches to any Ergo carrier, but you would only need it for the Original and the 360 as the OMNI 360 and the Adapt can accommodate babies from 7lbs without the need for the insert.

The infant insert comes in a couple of different neutral colors:

  • Natural
  • Grey

And come in 3 choices of materials:

  • Original (100% cotton)
  • Organic (100% organic cotton)
  • Cool Air Mesh (more breathable mesh fabric – cotton/polyester)

The infant inserts help to keep baby in an “M” position, which is safe for baby hips – and have adjustable head and neck support.

They are also machine washable – always a nice bonus.

You’re better off going with the OMNI 360 or the Adapt, if you plan to use your Ergo carrier with a newborn. But if you’ve already purchased the 360 or Original without realizing they’re not suitable for newborns or if you’ve been given one of those (at a baby shower for example), then the infant insert is a great option to have.

Detachable Pouches

ergobaby detachable pouchThe Original Ergo carrier comes with a storage pocket but the Adapt & 360 don’t.

So, if you go for one of those, then one of their detachable pouches is a good way to go, if you want to be able to carry some essentials with you without having to use pockets.

Note: The OMNI 360 doesn’t have a pocket either, but it comes with a detachable pouch as part of it.

The pouch attaches to the front or the side of the waist belt and can be attached to any Ergo carrier.

Great for carrying things like phone, wallet, keys, spare diaper, wipes and a spare onesie or t-shirt.

Again, if you know you’re going to want a pocket/pouch with your carrier (and you want it for newborns), then the OMNI 360 has the pouch included so would be the cost-effective choice over the 360 if you were also going to get the pouch.

Weather Covers

ergobaby weather coversFor those of us who like to be able to carry their baby outdoors in almost any kind of weather, myself included, Ergo’s weather covers are almost a must.

Winter Weather Cover

The Winter cover is designed to keep baby warm and dry in cold winter weather. It has an attached hood and is fleece lined.

Rain Cover

The rain cover is similar to the winter cover, except that it doesn’t have the fleece lining. It protects from wind and rain but isn’t as warm as the winter cover. Better for those days where its wet or windy, but not necessarily that cold.

Teething Pads

When babies are teething they love to chew on things – including their carrier!

The idea of Ergo’s teething pads are that the baby can chew on the pads – which are easier to wash and dry than having to wash and dry the whole carrier!

They’re relatively pricey for what they are, IMO, so you could make something for yourself or see if there are other cheaper options available that will fit on the Ergo. But if you want the Ergo ones and don’t mind paying, then they will easily fit with the Adapt, 360 and OMNI 360 carriers.

Alternative Teething Pads

Ergo actually have two types of teething pads – these ones attach to the straps of the carrier.

They fit on all their carriers, and are a little cheaper.

They only cover the straps of the carrier though, whereas the other ones cover the straps and the front.


So, there are the available Ergo Baby carrier accessories, produced by ergobaby.

Some are likely to be a big help and others may not be necessary for you. It will depend on your circumstances and the particular Ergo carrier that you have (or are thinking of getting).

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