BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini Review

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini
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BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini: QUICK OVERVIEW

Easy and convenient

Value For Money



What We Like

  • Ergonomic and hip-healthy
  • Facing-out option
  • plus-circle
    Super easy to get baby in and out of
  • plus-circle
    Lightweight and low profile
  • plus-circle
    Neck support for newborns
  • plus-circle
    Specifically designed to fit newborns
  • plus-circle
    Minimal disturbance removing a sleeping baby

What We Don't Like

  • No back or hip carry options
  • No pocket or sun hood
  • Not suitable for bigger babies/toddlers

If you're looking for a newborn specific baby carrier, then the Mini is worth looking at. 

Whilst not the most economical way to do it (getting a newborn specific and then buying a different carrier for when they're bigger), if you're looking for the easiest to use carrier and looking for something that fits a newborn really well, then this is a great option. 

And it's not like you have to ditch it after 3 months. But you won't likely be comfortable carrying a baby much older than 6 months (depending on your baby's size).

But it's also lightweight and low profile and comes in some nice soft material options to keep baby feeling snug and close to you. 

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini REVIEW

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Mini in 3D Jersey, Light Grey

It's not the most versatile carrier going around, but it's a great solution if you're looking for a super easy to use and adjust carrier for those first few months of your baby's life. 


There is some versatility to the Mini. 

It can accommodate a wide range of baby sizes all the way from 7lbs to 25lbs. This is a relatively low range compared to a lot of carriers, and realistically you won't be able to carry a 20lb baby for too long in this (depending on your size and strength though of course). There's no waist belt on the carrier, so all the weight is on your shoulders and back.   

It does have 2 carry positions

  1. Front Facing-In
  2. Front Facing-Out

However, since they don't recommend using the Facing-out option until your baby is at least 5 months old, there won't be a lot of facing-out time (if you choose to use the facing-out option), especially for some babies. 

One thing about the adjustability of the carrier that's really nice, is that it's really easy to adjust for the height of your baby and has a convenient tape measure section that tells you where you should adjust it to, depending on your baby's height. 


This carrier is really comfortable. It is very minimal so there aren't a lot of buckles or straps that can rub up against anywhere uncomfortable. 

It also gives a nice and close/snug feeling with baby. 

Easy and Convenient

This is the easiest carrier that we've ever experience to put on - and take off. 

There's no reaching behind your back to click anything together and it's super easy to get baby in and out of, even by yourself. And if you're looking to get baby out gently without waking them, then this is the best carrier for that, in our opinion. 

Also, since it's very minimal, low profile and lightweight, it's really easy to travel with. 

Hip Healthy

Whilst, the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini isn't yet acknowledged as being hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, they have improved the seat width on this carrier compared to its predecessor (the Babybjorn original).  It now seems to be much better in terms of the hip position.

At the time of writing it's quite a new carrier, so it may just be the case that they haven't yet had the carrier assessed by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute?

Who is this product for?

This carrier is perfect for anyone who wants the easiest most convenient carrier for their baby for the first 6 or so months. And anyone who wants a carrier that offers a very close and snug feel with baby. 

Especially good if you want a carrier that takes up very little space.

If you're looking to get one carrier that lasts for all your babywearing days, then it's not the right option, unless you plan on not carrying after around 6 months.

Overview of features

Type of Carrier:



Rough Age of Child:

newborn - 1 year (but realistically a lot of babies will be too big at 1 year, depending on baby size and wearer's size/strength)


  • Front Facing In
  • Front Facing Out

Machine Washable





Budget = Low ($30-$90)


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How to Use It

The Babybjorn Mini can be carried in two different positions. Both super easy to get baby in and out of. 

  1. Front Facing-In
  2. Front Facing-Out

Check out the video earlier in this review for how to get baby in the front facing-in position. Check out the following video for a look at how to use the Babjbjorn Baby Carrier Mini in the Front Facing-Out position. 


This is probably the very best carrier for those looking for something for the first 6 months of their baby wearing days with their new baby, assuming you're willing to get a new carrier after roughly 6 months, if you plan on continuing to carry your baby after that.

It's a carrier that has a close-to-baby feel and is also really convenient in the sense that takes up very little space with minimal buckles and straps. 

But the most appealing thing about the Babybjorn Baby Carrier Mini, is how easy it is to get baby in and out of.  


Even though the price is quite reasonable, over the long run it's not the best value for money, given that you are going to need a new carrier at some stage if you plan to continue carrying your baby into toddlerhood. 

But still worth it, if you have the budget and want your first 6 months of baby wearing to be as easy as possible and don't intend on doing super long walks with it. 

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