Baby Carrier Comparison: Comparing the Top Line Carriers

baby carrier comparison
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This post is going to compare the top of the line carriers from some of the major carrier brands. This is a baby carrier comparison that will compare the features of each carrier, rather than being a review of each carrier. 

We either have all the reviews for each of these carriers published on The Baby In Motion or they will be published in the near future. Check out all our reviews here

What Baby Carriers Are In This Comparison?

We won't be comparing every single carrier ever, here. Just because a. that would take way too long! and b. it wouldn't show anything relevant. What we are comparing here are what we consider to be the top carrier for a few different brands, so that you can see the difference in what they offer and to make a more informed decision on which one would suit you the best. 

First let's take a look at a table overview of the differences, then let's look at some of the features in more detail. 

Baby Carrier Comparison Table

The position of the carriers in the table is by alphabetical order of brand name.

  • Babybjorn One
  • Beco Gemini
  • Ergobaby OMNI 360
  • Lillebaby Complete
  • Stokke MyCarrier
  • Tula Explore

Babybjorn One

Beco Gemini

Ergobaby OMNI 360

Lillebaby Complete

Stokke MyCarrier

Tula Explore

Weight Range







CP* Front Facing-In

CP* Front Facing-Out

CP* Back Carry

CP* Hip Carry

IHDI** Approved

Infant Insert Required?

Adjustable Head Support

Machine Wash

Waist Belt Range


? to 52"

26" to 52"

? to 52"****


27" to 57"

Safety Buckles

Sun Hood









*CP = Carry Position

**International Hip Dysplasia Institute 

***Standard price from what I could find. But prices vary from store to store and some carriers have different versions in different materials and sometimes prices differ between those versions. The prices listed here are intended to represent the lowest priced version. 

**** Lillebaby also have a waist extender that you can buy separately which adds an additional 9" to the waist belt

Baby Carrier Comparison Details

OK let's look at some details. 

Weight Range

The most versatile in terms of weight range are the: 

  • Ergobaby OMNI 360 (7-45lbs)
  • Lillebaby Complete (7-45lbs)
  • Tula Explore (7-45lbs)

Which are all rated from 7lbs to 45lbs. Realistically you're not going to be carrying a 45lb baby in these, IMO. But these ones are touted as being able to carry the heaviest. 

The lowest ranges are for the: 

  • Babjbjorn One (8-33lbs)
  • Stokke MyCarrier (7.7-33lbs)

But it might be the case that these carriers are more realistic, certainly at the upper end. 

Carrying Positions

The following carriers offer all 4 carry positions (front facing-in, front-facing out, hip and back):

  • Beco Gemini
  • Ergobaby OMNI 360
  • Lillebaby Complete

The others have all but the hip carry option: 

  • Babybjorn One
  • Stokke MyCarrier
  • Tula Explore

Sun/Sleeping Hood

The following carriers have a sun/sleeping hood, that is either removable or can be stowed away. 

  • Ergobaby OMNI 360
  • Lillebaby Complete
  • Tula Explore


The following have at least one pocket, either removable or permanent.

  • Beco Gemini
  • Ergobaby OMNI 360
  • Lillebaby Complete
  • Tula Explore


The order of price for the carriers compared, from lowest to highest is: 

  • Lillebaby Complete | $120
  • Beco Gemini | $150
  • Tula Explore | $179
  • Ergobaby OMNI 360 | $180
  • Babjbjorn One | $189
  • Stoke MyCarrier | $199


All the carriers in this comparison:

  • Are acknowledged as hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • Don't require an infant insert
  • Have adjustable head supports
  • Are machine washable


The above comparison has only been about the features and specs of the carriers and not about our opinion on them. And doesn't include things like comfort, which are more subjective. 

So, there are other considerations other than these, but hopefully this has given you a quick way to be able to compare some of the top of the line carriers by some of the major baby carrier brands. 

If you want to see more in depth information and opinions about the carriers in this baby carrier comparison, check out the link below: 

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