Baby Carrier Accessories: Addons to Get for Your Carrier

baby carrier accessories
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Some baby carriers can be greatly enhanced with the use of baby carrier accessories.

Depending on the type, brand and model of carrier that you have will depend on the accessories that you might need (or like-to-have) if any.

It also depends on the circumstances of the parent/caregiver using the carrier. For example, if you’re always pushing a stroller (e.g. with an older baby/toddler in it), then you may not need something like a pouch/pocket to attach to your carrier, as you have the stroller for storage.

What Baby Carrier Accessories Can I get?

Again, it depends on the brand, but a lot of brands will have the following available, or they will work across brands.

  • Detachable pocket/pouch
  • Infant insert
  • Teething Pads
  • Rain/Weather cover
  • Hood
  • Seat Extenders
  • Breast Feeding cover
  • Lumbar Support
  • Mirror
  • Extra Padding
  • Infant Pillow

Bet you didn’t think there were that many accessories you could get!

Thankfully you likely won’t need all of these, but they’re available if you do. Let’s look at each one in a little more detail.

Detachable pocket/pouch

Some carriers don’t come with a built-in pocket. And for others, the pocket might be too small for your liking. If this is the case, you can get a separate pocket that can attach to your carrier.

It’s not the most comfortable trying to wear a carrier and a backpack (at least I’ve never found it comfortable) – and if you don’t have pockets in your clothing, then a pocket can be a must have.

Infant Insert

Some carriers require an infant insert, in order to be suitable for newborns. If you have a carrier that’s not suitable for newborns but you want it to be, then there’s a chance that there’s an infant insert for that brand/model.

Teething Pads

These are pads that attach to the carrier and allow your baby to chew on whilst they are teething, for much needed relief!

Rain/Weather Cover

If you like to take your baby outdoors in your carrier, rain, snow or shine, then having a rain/weather cover is a must to keep baby warm and dry.


A lot of carriers come with hoods but if yours doesn’t, or you need to replace your existing one, then you might want to see if there’s a hood you can attach to it.

Hoods are a great accessory for sun protection and for sleeping (for the baby sleeping, not you!).

Seat Extenders

Some brands, like Baby Tula, have seat extenders you can get, which allows you to make the seat of the carrier wider for when your baby gets bigger.

Breastfeeding Cover

O.k. this isn’t really a carrier accessory as such – you can use it without the carrier, but you might want to use it in conjunction with the carrier too.

Every mom has a different level of confidence with breastfeeding in public, and if you’re someone who is shy about it and likes to be completely covered, then using a breastfeeding cover might make life a little easier/more comfortable for you, when feeding on the go.

Some will be happy with just the carrier as cover – or no cover at all, which is fine too.

Lumbar Support

If you need extra support for your lower back when carrying baby, some brands offer a pad that you can place in your lower back for extra lumbar support.


No, this isn’t for checking to make sure that your hair looks good (come on you’re a parent, there’s no time for that!) It’s for checking on your baby/toddler, if they’re being carried on the back.

Extra Padding

Some brands offer extra padding that you can get separately. This is a great option if you find you’re getting pinching or pressure points in certain parts of your carrier, or if you feel baby needs more padding somewhere. Or if you’re just looking to up the comfort factor.

Infant Pillow

Some brands offer an infant pillow to help with the positioning of smaller babies or to raise them a little higher to have them sitting at a better height.


There are many different accessories you can get to make your baby carrying easier and more enjoyable. Depending on the brand/model and your personal needs, will depend on which accessories you might want/need, if any.

Are there any accessories that you use that I’ve missed? If so, leave a comment below, by clicking on the Add a Comment button, and I’ll add them to the list.

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