Baby Bjorn Mini vs Baby Bjorn Original: What’s the Difference?

Baby bjorn mini vs original
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Babjbjorn have recently released their Baby bjorn mini baby carrier. This is the new carrier to replace their longstanding Original carrier. 

This is going to be a quick post to outline the differences between the Baby Bjorn Mini and the Babybjorn Original. 

The Baby Bjorn Mini

In our opinion, the Mini has kept the good things about the Original, improved the not so good things and added some welcome options, to make it a much  improved carrier.  

The Mini still has the same idea as the Original. It's still intended for use with newborns and is the kind of carrier that you only really use with smaller babies. So, in that sense, it's a direct replacement.

But it's not merely a re-branding - although I do like the name "Mini" because it describes the purpose of the product well. It's meant for when your baby is still mini! 

But there's more to it than just a name change a slightly different look. 

What Was Good About the Original

The best quality of the Original was how easy it was/is to get baby in and out of, IMO. And how easy it is to get baby out without disturbing them, when they're sleeping. This is because you can remove baby without having to remove the shoulder straps.  

Some other great qualities included: 

  • Minimal material, so it was light and breathable
  • Newborn specific - so it's designed to fit newborns really well
  • Adjustable head support for
  • Closeness - you feel really close to your baby in this carrier
  • Compact - doesn't take up too much space when not in use

What Was Not So Good About the Original

The Original also has some not so good qualities, including: 

  • Hip healthiness questionable
  • Even though the Original was great for newborns, it was rated from 8lbs to 25lbs, meaning that a lot of newborns weren't above the minimum right from birth. 
  • No sun hood or pocket 
  • No waist belt - so all the weight is on the shoulders, making carrying baby, especially bigger babies, more difficult if carrying for a reasonable length of time. 

What Makes the Mini Better? 

The Mini certainly didn't address all of the downsides of the Original, but at the same time, it's not a carrier that was designed to do it all - and its price reflects that.

If you want some of the other qualities (like being to carry bigger babies and carry for longer, then there are carriers that do that - like Babybjorn's One carrier, but you'll pay more). 

How The Mini Stayed the Same

The Mini has kept all of the good qualities of the Original, in my opinion. 

  • It's still super easy to get baby in and out of
  • It's Still newborn focused with adjustable head support
  • Still has that great feel of closeness
  • Still compact and easy to store

It's also kept some of the downsides, like: 

  • Still no waist belt, and all that comes with that
  • No sun hood 
  • No pocket

But some important things have changed for the better. 

How the Mini Changed

The Mini changed in two very important ways (plus another way, that I'll look at further down). 

  1. The seat has been widened. And by a good 4" (10cm) - a not insignificant amount
  2. The minimum weight has been lowered from 8lbs to 7lbs

So, what's significant about the seat widening? 

Basically, it's setting up baby in a more hip healthy way in the carrier, compared to the Original. 

And it's also great to see that it is now appropriate for baby's from 7lbs - for a newborn carrier, this is an important change.

And there's just one more thing that differs for the Baby Bjorn mini vs the original. 

Option of 3 Different Materials

The Mini comes in the option of:

  1. 3D Jersey
  2. 3D Mesh
  3. Cotton

These are all improvements on the Original's materials. The way they have woven the cotton is also apparently cooler, lighter and more flexible than the cotton that was on the Original. 

And the 3D Jersey and 3D Mesh options are also improvements on earlier materials. 

3D Jersey

The 3D Jersey is a soft, flexible material that hugs your baby making them more comfortable. It also provides good air flow. 

Think of it like a soft t-shirt or sweater (aka Jersey!) type material. 

3D Mesh

Want things even more airy and cool? Then the 3D Mesh version might be to your liking. 

As well as good airflow, the mesh material is fast drying as well. 

Comparison Table

So, those are the major changes that have been made to make the Mini, a new and improved version of the popular, longstanding Original. 

Below is a comparison table to quickly and easily view what's changed and what's stayed the same. 



Weight Range



Hip Healthiness



Material Options

3D Jersey, 3D Mesh, Improved Cotton Weave

Jersey, Mesh, Cotton

Easy to Get Baby In/Out

Fast to Put On/Take Off

Adjustable Head Support

Feeling of Closeness


Waist Belt

Sun Hood



On the surface, the changes for the Mini seem subtle but they are relatively significant.

Significant enough that we at The Baby In Motion would certainly recommend the Mini over the Original, if you're looking for that newborn specific, easy to use carrier. It's improved in some areas and has kept everything that was good about the Original.   

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