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6 Great Reasons to Use a Baby Carrier

There are many great reasons to use a baby carrier. These are what I consider to be the 6 most important benefits of using a baby carrier.

Baby wearing has become more and more popular recently – and it’s easy to see why, when you consider the following:

Reason #1: Freedom to Do Stuff

This is perhaps the single most pertinent factor to explain the popularity of baby wearing.

With baby securely in carrier, the wearer (parent or caregiver) has his or hands free. This is huge.

When you’re wearing your baby, you can get simple things done. Things that just aren’t possible when you have to hold your baby.

And since having your baby close to you keeps them calmer for longer, they’ll actually be more willing to let you do the stuff you need to get done.

Reason #2: Bonding

Keeping your baby close is a great bonding experience between wearer and baby.

Wearing your baby in a carrier allows baby to be close to you, without having your arms fatigued.

This can be especially beneficial for fathers, who don’t necessarily get other bonding experiences, like breastfeeding. And for moms who can’t, or choose not to, breastfeed.

Reason #3: Easing Baby into the World

When a baby is born, they are experiencing a lot of new things at once.

Being carried in a carrier allows baby to be close to your heart beat, moves around when you move, constantly hears your voice, feels the warmth of your body and can experience skin to skin contact.

All of this provides an experience that is closer to being in the womb, compared with riding in a stroller or otherwise not attached to someone. This helps to ease baby into their exciting new world.

Being carried instead of being pushed in a stroller everywhere, is especially beneficial for babies in their first few months. You could also just carry them. But eventually your arms will fatigue and you won’t be able to do it for as long as you can in a carrier.

Reason #4: Helping Baby to Sleep

A lot of parents find, us included, that a baby will easily fall asleep in a carrier in the front facing-in position. And often in the other positions too.

If you’re struggling to get your baby to nap, it might just be that going for a short walk with them in a carrier does the trick.

Reason #5: Settling Baby

Similar to helping them to sleep, often times an unsettled, crying baby can be settled and soothed by putting them in a carrier.

In the carrier they are close to you and that warmth, contact and being able to hear your heartbeat can often be the magic you need to soothe your baby. And the snug feeling of the carrier around them can emulate feeling like they are in the womb.

Reason #6: Exercise

OK, you can exercise when they’re sleeping in the crib. Or on their play mat or on their swing or otherwise contented.

But why not also exercise whilst you are also bonding with your baby. Or whilst you are also getting them settled or to getting them to sleep.

You’re getting bonus exercise at the same time.


Those are just the benefits of baby wearing that I could think of off the top of my head, but I’m sure there are many others. But even if there aren’t, even just the first 2 would be enough to make baby carrying a highly beneficial practice.

So long as you keep in mind the safety steps of carrying your baby in a carrier, you can really enjoy a lot of benefits. If you’re not already using a carrier, I highly recommend it – it could change your whole parenting experience.

If you’re just about to become a parent for the first time, you should definitely give baby carrying a go. It can make things a lot easier for you and baby.

If you can think of any other baby carrying benefits or can elaborate on any of the above benefits, I’d love to hear your opinion. Just click the Add a Comment button below to leave a message.

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